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GS-911 / Re: TPM
« Last post by Jughead on January 20, 2022, 07:23:42 AM »
Also the front sensor has a new battery installed and the bike senses the the unit.  But ridding the bike I get a sensor failure from it.  Sometimes the failure will clear only to come back after a short time. 

I have had limited success replacing the batteries in these units.  It all depends on how good/fresh the new battery is.  Unfortunately the batteries sometimes sit on the shelf for months if not years, so it has basically already reached the end of its life when you buy it.

Heating or soldering on the battery will also affect the performance.  The only batteries that can be successfully soldered are the ones with the tabs.  However, I recently discovered that my supplier was tossing 20 or 30 of these tabbed batteries together into a bin, which caused the tabs to short with one another.  Of the 10 batteries I purchased, not one worked.
Technical / Re: Problems connecting to a R1200RT??
« Last post by Jughead on January 20, 2022, 06:46:00 AM »
On the RT the round connector is for the optional radio/speaker harness.
How do I... / Re: F800 GS Start Fault
« Last post by Jughead on January 20, 2022, 06:43:21 AM »
Have you also replaced the fuel pump controller?
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General Discussion / Купить пчелиную пергу в Украине
« Last post by Vikietd on January 19, 2022, 03:38:41 PM »
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Technical / Re: Adapter for 10 pin yellow GS911
« Last post by dub 24 on January 18, 2022, 11:32:59 AM »
Thanks mate that's cleared that up for me
ezCAN / Re: What happens when BMW "Wonder Wheel" is disabled?
« Last post by BradB on January 18, 2022, 10:11:38 AM »
Now THAT would be a most welcome addition! Thanks!
ezCAN / Re: What happens when BMW "Wonder Wheel" is disabled?
« Last post by Ruan on January 18, 2022, 10:03:46 AM »
Hi Brad

Yes, you'll still be able to adjust the brightness through the ezCAN software, you'll only lose the on-the-move adjustment ability.

We're also looking at a mobile app which should come out at a later stage, this will resolve the issue of adjusting brightness without a wonder wheel or laptop.

Kind regards
ezCAN / Re: What happens when BMW "Wonder Wheel" is disabled?
« Last post by BradB on January 18, 2022, 09:48:41 AM »
Thanks Ruan, but no, we don’t need an additional method to “remotely” turn on accessories. I was just asking what happens if I disable the Wonder Wheel. I know that I will no longer be able to adjust the brightness on the wheel. But I want to know if I can still adjust the brightness through the EzCAN control panel when I hook up my laptop.
ezCAN / Re: New feature requests for ezCAN ?
« Last post by BradB on January 18, 2022, 09:41:39 AM »
I want to 2nd the request for a delayed accessory power-up after the ignition is turned on. Thanks!
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