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K Series / Re: Fuel gauge issues
« Last post by fotodadi on January 17, 2020, 11:00:56 AM »

Actually I can read the Real Time Values in the ZFE (Central Vehicle Electronics). The "Fuel Sense Voltage" is displayed in the real time values and I just read it as 0.24V and that's with an empty tank. This means ZFE is OK.

The is no possibility to read any real time values in the Kombi (Instrument Cluster except Battery voltage and Ambient Brightness.

Will have the bike ridden around with a full tank to ensure the floater does not move. Hopefully things will resolve. It's very strange though.
It's better to see the complete scan, which module stored the faults!

In addition, are there any messages on the Kombi display?
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K Series / Re: Fuel gauge issues
« Last post by schuppi on January 16, 2020, 07:40:34 PM »

I think so, that wouldn't be the reason :-\
"Also did the real time values for the Fuel Sense voltage and the values showed a change that was consistent with the floater"
Where can you read this? I think RTV in the ZFE, then the datas will not be processed in the Kombi (cluster)
If the RTV are readable in Kombi > ZFE failed :-[

 RTV > real time values
Did you find the answer to the problem? it just happened to me.

Engine related issues / Re: Exhaust Leak or More Time to Adapt After Header Swap
« Last post by rcb78 on January 16, 2020, 06:40:56 PM »
Just to close the loop on this, I went with a hunch and tried the airbox mod that many people talk about on other GS forums, basically a fancy name for drilling large holes in the airbox cover, and everything seems good again.  My guess is that the intake vs exhaust flow was too imbalanced by with the cat-delete header and the tiny little air intake horns just don't let in as much air as the engine is capable of using.  It was a cheap gamble since a replacement cover is only about $20 if it didn't work out, but I have yet to notice any downside.  The bike pulls harder all the way through the rpm range, and all the data coming off the GS-911 looks normal again along with my mileage having returned to normal, maybe ever a touch better.
K Series / Re: Fuel gauge issues
« Last post by fotodadi on January 16, 2020, 06:37:15 PM »
Only these two faults in the engine controller.

2 fault codes found:
10116 Gear shift-lever sensor
The fault is currently present.
10313 Exhaust flap servomotor
The fault is currently present.

Surely that wouldn't interfere with the fuel gauge?
Technical / difference in product
« Last post by boomtheroom on January 16, 2020, 01:04:48 AM »
is there any difference between the obd2 wifi and the 10 pin wifi? seeing you can get an adapter cord to change the output connection on both ,just wondered if there was any advantage to having either?
General Discussion / Re: GS 911 WiFi Rediculously Frustrating
« Last post by nervous on January 16, 2020, 12:41:25 AM »
I thought I made some headway with the PC last night as I was missing the on-PC program and only had the wifi program. I hooked up, with USB cable and USB selected but had multiple module and kill switch related communication failure notifications and could still not clear service or maintenance codes. 

My 2015 model is supported by the GS-911 wifi that I own per their chart:

BMW Models that are supported by GS-911blu, GS-911usb Gen 1, GS-911usb Gen 2 and GS-911wifi:

R-Series: R nineT (2014-2016)
Technical / Re: Buffer Index Out of Range
« Last post by Paulo Defavari on January 15, 2020, 11:30:13 PM »
Hello, I realized using the GS911 with the OBD2 adapter cable, because in other models with the round connector did not present this problem.
General Discussion / Re: Self canceling turn signals..So how DO they work?
« Last post by Guilherme on January 15, 2020, 07:31:38 PM »
Hi Alan,

The link you mentioned don't works.... unfortunately.
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