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Engine Idle issues
« on: September 13, 2015, 10:41:41 PM »

I have an idle issue and it some times feels like its getting bogged down on acceleration. I dont have any fault codes observed, i have had a carb balance done by BMW yesterday and it feels alot smoother. I have changed the stick coils on the mains for new ones incase it was an intermittant spark, new plags in all positions.

I still have an erratic idle, would some one kindly educate me.

I have taken a scan of the idle and cannot tell if they are reading correctly. Im not sure how to read if i have a fault noted.

My autoscan;-

AutoScan Report

GS-911 version: 1507.2 Datapack version: 2.5 Serial Number: GS70378711 Registered to: Simon Dennis
Date: 13/09/2015 Time: 13:34:29
Motorcycle Information
VIN: WB10368027ZR66478
Mileage: 55590.0 km
Cluster date: 01 March 1982
Next service date: 04 September 2016
Next service distance: 57936 km
Factory I-Level: K024-07-05-510
Actual I-Level: Unknown I-Level:0x8a
BMS type:   BMS-KP2
Part No.:   7726734
Hardware Index:   10
Coding Index:   02
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   2007-06-18
MCV:   0.6.0
FSV:   0.77.36
OSV:   2.3.1
Manufacturer:   Bosch
HWOE No.:   26994203
Program status:   360I
Date release:   KC10
Factory I-Level:   K024-07-05-510
Actual I-Level:   Unknown I-Level:0x8a
VIN model year:   2007

No fault codes found
ZFE type:   ZFE-High
Factory I-Level:   K024-07-05-510
Actual I-Level:   Unknown I-Level:0x8a
Part No.:   7720220
Hardware Index:   02
Coding Index:   09
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   2004-04-15
MCV:   0.6.0
FSV:   2.7.0
OSV:   3.3.0
Manufacturer:   Loewe Lear
HWOE No.:   26925707
Factory I-Level:   K024-07-05-510
Actual I-Level:   Unknown I-Level:0x8a
   Speed sensor manufacturer is Bosch   
   Speed sensor type is DF11   
   ABS fitted   
   DWA fitted   
   Heated grips   
   Brake light switch status over CAN   
   Film type fuel sensor   
   Manual low beam off switch   
   Rear light type is LED   
   Storage of temperature indication when engine hot   
   Electronic windscreen present   
   Authority lights present   

No fault codes found
Anti-Theft Alarm
RDC/DWA type:   Anti-Theft Alarm
Part No.:   8544716
Hardware Index:   14
Coding Index:   4
Manufacturer:   Gemel
HWOE No.:   103267339
MCV:   0.6.0
FSV:   3.0.0
OSV:   3.2.1

No fault codes found
Integral ABS 2 - CAN
Part No.:   7707617
HW Version No.:   C1
Coding Index:   0
Manufacturing Date:   2007-06-16
HWOE No.:   26758307
Manufacturer:   Continental Teves
MCV:   0.5.9
FSV:   2.0.2
OSV:   3.3.0
Free programming slots:   1
Serial No.:   676G00282
Hardware No.:   07682002
Hardware star No.:   07707617

No fault codes found
CAN-Kombi H/L
Cluster type:   CAN-Kombi H/L
Part No.:   7713879
Hardware Index:   C6
Coding Index:   04
Manufacturer:   Siemens VDO Automotive
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   2007-02-08
MCV:   0.6.0
FSV:   1.8.0
OSV:   3.3.10
HWOE No.:   26808403
Assembly No.:   7713880
Variant:   Unknown
Factory I-Level:   K024-07-05-510
Actual I-Level:   Unknown I-Level:0x8a

No fault codes found

I managed to extract this output from it and have log file - does this look right?
anyone able to explain it too me?
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