Author Topic: 2021 R Nine T Pure Firmware Question  (Read 3852 times)


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2021 R Nine T Pure Firmware Question
« on: October 02, 2023, 03:35:41 AM »
Looking at the GS 911 it shows most of the firmware is out of date. Last time I took it to the shop they said all the firmware was up to date. I called them and asked why the GS 911 shows the firmware is out of date. Their response is it is possible there is newer firmware and the GS 911 isn't reading it and so the GS 911 is showing the ECU needs newer firmware. I am wondering is this possible or is the firmware out of date and the ECU needs to be updated. I just want to get the bike updated and it seems odd that the GS 911 is showing out of date firmware.

I looked at all the versions and what is on the bike has a lower revision number than what GS 911 is showing, so I am leaning towards the ECU needs an update. Just in case the GS 911 is wrong, would it show a different version?

The reason it is important to me is I have a newer tachometer and it still doesn't remember the page I set it to. I want it to stay on the engine temp page. When I power off the motorcycle the tachometer resets to the mpg page.

Appreciate any assistance in determining if it is a problem or not.
21 BMW R9T