Author Topic: K1300GT 2009 Intermittent starting fault - any idea what fault codes mean  (Read 5348 times)


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Be grateful for any thoughts.
3 separate occasions in the last 12 months (once in the garage and twice whilst out) I have ridden the bike, turned the ignition off and then the bike won't start. Switch the ignition on and the data on the screen comes on, but there is no sound from fuel pump and the 'CHECK' doesn't appear on the dash. It won't then start. After some time, the fault resolves and it goes though the complete check sequence and starts. The first time it happened (May 2020) it was at home - was considering what to do and a few days later tried it again and it started. The second time (Sept 2020), I phone recovery service - we disconnected battery, cleared ECU and muttered about modern electronics - still the same. I was in process of being recovered home when the breakdown truck broke down! I got on the back and tried the bike again - and it worked - I rode home, leaving the breakdown truck to be recovered! May 2021 (this week) - same again - same process - just before loading the bike onto the breakdown truck - tried ignition again (I'd already tried it numerous times whilst waiting) - it worked - and I rode home.
So, really intermittent fault - but very disruptive and obviously can't have any confidence in the bike getting me where I'm headed

Have just used a Motoscan and the only 2 trouble codes (which haven't shown before) are in the Instrument Cluster - they are:
CAN bus out of order
No CAN message (from DME)

Any ideas what the fault codes mean / what the solution might be?

Thanks - and apologies for the rambling question!


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If the K1300s are built like the R1200s then I'd suspect a tight cable harness somewhere around the headstock has caused an intermittent connection. This could, in principle, cause a loss of communications between the instruments and the rest of the bike.


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Check the ignition switch module.  Not that part that you insert the key into, but the small black box below it.

It contains 2 micro switches which sometimes corrode or get dirty.  Once you have removed the module from the bike, pop the lid off the underside with a small screwdriver.  Check for any corrosion on the connectors, clean the switches with liberal use of some switch cleaner and re-assemble.