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GS-911 / Re: R1150 GS connectivity issues?
« Last post by emarsh on November 10, 2023, 10:27:13 AM »
Side stand is up and the engine is running.

I'm kind of disappointed. I may have to fall back to using an LED to get the error code.
GS-911 / Re: R1150 GS connectivity issues?
« Last post by Jughead on November 10, 2023, 06:45:06 AM »
Make sure the bike is on the centerstand with the sidestand retracted.  Also make sure the kill switch is not on.
GS-911 / R1150 GS connectivity issues?
« Last post by emarsh on November 08, 2023, 05:56:13 PM »
I'm hoping to use my GS-911 to diagnose an ABS issue on a R1150 GS. When do the autoscan I get that there is a motorcycle of some sort connected but choosing selected vehicle is grayed out and doesn't work.

I tried the Select Vehicle approach but when I select the ABS controller I get a communications error.

Is this a problem with the bike, a lack of GS-911 features available for this model or something else?

I tried to post a couple screenshots but received an error that the post is too big.


GS-911 / Re: BMW TPMS sensors changing IDs?
« Last post by tghtenuion on November 08, 2023, 04:44:46 AM »
What about the type without RDC?
GS-911 / Re: USB Disconnects after about 30 seconds
« Last post by tghtenuion on November 08, 2023, 04:39:45 AM »
I had the same problem and it was fixed after I restarted my computer.
GS-911 / Re: Fuel strip to float conversion R1200gsa 2007
« Last post by tghtenuion on November 08, 2023, 04:35:02 AM »
I put on the Fuel sensor strip today and tried it out for the first time. I thought something was wrong, but after a few hundred feet, the fuel level showed up and the MPG and range worked fine. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
GS-911 / Re: Switch between Lever type and Film type fuel sensors
« Last post by tghtenuion on November 08, 2023, 04:18:44 AM »

So after a few weeks, i decide to go with the bike to the dealer. I load the bike on the trailer, for a 20 km and when i wanted to show them what is wrong there was no error more. That means that after a calibration and repalcement you must ride with the bike. Before that was the strip in the tank, full of gasoline fur sure more than a week and everytime whne i checked there was an error.coreball
Also the GS 911 works good, the only thnigs that is happend in my case is that the procedure for change from strip to lever or from lever to strip was never ending with a message like by calibration that the procedure is done. Because i didnt get any message from GS 911 i thought that the change wasnt done succsefully.

So i learned something new.
Thanks for updating us. I was having the same problem and found a solution.
GS-911 / Re: GS-911 Turn on/off pump test
« Last post by riyaf on November 07, 2023, 11:35:33 AM »
In an epic diagnostic adventure/nightmare on a 2003 R1100s no start issue, now traced to an faulty Fuel Pump relay, I have this question drift boss: If the faulty fuel pump relay does not pass the 12v across to complete the circuit, why would the GS-911 report a "test passed" in the "Turn Fuel Pump ON/OFF" test when it clearly did not do that.?

Good! The R1200GS has a shaft drive, which is a type of drive that uses a rotating shaft to transmit power
R1200 models / Request new functionality
« Last post by macmanaman on November 02, 2023, 12:54:44 AM »
Hi all!!

I would like to add to R1200X oil cooled( if possible ) the option of turn indicator lights always on until one is selected and both switch off to let the one selected to blink.

Would this be possible? It would add some conspicuity.

Sorry if this is not the right place for this.

F Series / Fault Code Fuel Sender Unit 417505(OxA2E9)
« Last post by Bruce Ryan on October 29, 2023, 08:03:55 AM »
Changed Fuel Pump and Filter On My BMWF650GS 800 Twin and Fuel Gauge is not showing a True readiing. Implausible signal or valve.
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