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Hill Start System
« on: April 19, 2024, 04:10:17 PM »


I have Hill Start Control on my 2021 R1250GS and it has never worked in the way that I feel it should and also when compared to my previous 2019 R1250GSA.

The problem is that if the angle of incline is less than the computer set figure, then the Hill Start releases before I pull away. This is OK when on level ground but the problem is that on mild inclines when the system releases the Brake and the Bike starts to unexpectedly roll backwards. On my previous GSA the level of the ground had no effect on Hill Start Control and the Brake stayed applied until the clutch bit and started to take up the drive so that I could ride off smoothly.

Question being - Is there any adjustment for the above that can be carried out with the GS911, or possibly could this be added in a later software update?



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Re: Hill Start System
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2024, 10:40:30 AM »
Hi John

Thanks for the details provided. I'll need to check with the developers whether this has at all been looked at, but I don't believe so. We also have not received a request like this previously, so if you could, please send through a full autoscan of your bike to so that I can add this to our request list.

Kind regards and safe travels