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November 2023 Software and Firmware updates

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Hey Hex team ;D

Yes, it works. Just switched the kombi (TFT) into the Sport mode and get the
heated grips more comfortable with 4 (four) steps.

Thank you very much, perfect work 8)
Just downloaded, upgraded, and installed but no options for new Sports Screen. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
2020 GSA USA

Same results for me.
However, I can make coding changes for the heated grips.

--- Quote from: petrollm on November 25, 2023, 11:09:33 PM ---It also doesn't work for me
2019 R1250GSA (US)

--- End quote ---

all worked well on my 2023 RS and added 6 setting to grips from 3 . Added lap timer to sport screen and M Logo on start up make life a ride .

Now on my friends 2022 RS I could only change his grip heat settings and not add lap timer to sport screen .
Finally figured out what I was doing wrong.
For some reason, I thought you had to be in Options but you have to go to each device Section and then go to Service Functions.
You also have to keep the battery at 12.5 or above.


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