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November 2023 Software and Firmware updates

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Hi, I thought I would try to change to sport screen and M start up screen on my 2018 gs1200LC TFT. I get a message "the firmware version of this controller does not support coding". I have updated the GS911 using the utility but still get the same message. Am I missing something or is my bike software too old?
GS911 connected to laptop via usb and laptop on phones hotspot.
Thanks for any info

GS Jim:

--- Quote ---On the first screen you see:
"Select which coding categories to enable. This will override any possible alarm settings done directly on the instrument cluster."

Here you need to enable
"Arm/disarm tone"
If you disable it here then the next screen settings won't affect the functioning of the tone and you need to set it directly on the cluster.

Screen two you have separate options:
"Arm tone"
"Disarm tone"
--- End quote ---

I have the arm/disarm tone enabled on both screens and on the TFT settings but no tone and also no warning tone that the alarm is going to go off. Also does not tone when manually arming with fob, just one indicator flash for "disarm" two for "arm" and three for "already armed"
I tried a couple of different arm delay times and they work correctly, double flash when armed (and no tone  :'().
All other codings seem to work fine, tested the indicator cancel on accell and worked well, I like that. Didn't test the other features on the indicators as the insurance is off now and I can only hit 3rd gear in my driveway.

I have the newer OBD WiFi GS911 and have been very happy with it until the recent updates.

The problems I am encountering since the firmware and app updates:

1) Cannot P2P from the web browser on a mobile device (Samsung Note 10 and S23U), WiFi connects but cannot open GS911 page ( error message on browser "connection timed out" but it works on my Apple phone so probably compatibility issues?

2) I have the consumer license and now am bring prompted to purchase a PRO license, I have no need or intent on upgrading my license

3) When re-installing the older Windows app to active my 2nd BMW motorcycle VIN the app is prompting me to upgrade

I need the real old versions of the applications for Windows and not the ones prompting upgrades

I need my old firmware and app to downgrade

I have 9 available VIN's under my consumer license which I cannot now install which makes this GS911 a BRICK!


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