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High Forward Idle
« on: June 22, 2023, 03:18:22 AM »

2012 R 1200 GS ... did TB sync procedure, reset adaptations but now forward idle seems hight at about 1500rpm... In other words, on center stand 1st gear, clutch out RPM jump automatically to 1500... clutch in... RPMs back down to 1150. On road, same thing if I'm coasting, whenever I let the clutch out I can see the RPMs go up to about 1500 without touching the throttle. Cables and slack is good.

I disconnected the clutch microswitch just to see... if i coast and pull in the clutch the rpms never go back to 1150 until the wheels stop moving.

Never noticed this high forward idle before...

It's as if the stepper motors lock too open when moving forward. I've calibrated them several times and sync is dead on. I've never gotten better gas milage than i'm getting and the bike is super smooth.

Any ideas?


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Re: High Forward Idle
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2023, 11:48:13 AM »
Hi Deciacco

Firstly, considering that you're getting better mileage and the bike is smooth, I believe your TBS was on point, and that should not be a consideration of what's happening.

With your findings, we went out to our in house 1200GSA as well, and noticed firstly, that we will need to do a TBS on ours to get low idle RPM (ours is constantly at around 1350RPM with or without clutch/neutral).

What we suspect is happening, is that the RPM default value for neutral and clutch in is set to 1100-1200, which is normal after the TBS, and once clutch is detected as released and neutral is no longer present, it comes under load, so works a little harder (i.e. giving a bit more fuel/air to sustain RPM). An example of this would be standing still and starting to walk, or walking and then walking against a slight incline.

Nevertheless, I don't think this is something to be concerned about, given that with the clutch switch removed, the bike thinks 1500 is the target RPM even with the clutch pulled in, this supports the opinion that the bike's target RPM should be reached at all times with the exception of clutch in (not detected with the switch removed) and neutral.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards and safe travels