Author Topic: R9T seems to be in limp mode  (Read 5122 times)


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R9T seems to be in limp mode
« on: May 01, 2023, 09:07:00 PM »
I have two fault codes that I have attempted to clear on my r9t, one for a defective tank venting valve (10098), and the other for my exhaust flap (10313). I recognized the issue with the tank valve and replaced the whole module so I no longer have a leak under the tank, and the flapper was removed by the previous owner. The rapid bike evo tune has kept the bike from throwing a fit- until about 500 miles ago. I went in and cleared both codes but they came back as soon as the bike cycled. Is there any chance these codes are related to each other and may be an issue with the tune? And would this be enough to put the bike into limp mode?


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Re: R9T seems to be in limp mode
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2023, 03:41:05 PM »
Hi There

It might be easier if you post the full autoscan here, simply select the download option on the autoscan and copy that text to paste in your response.

Having the ECU names available while checking the faults goes a long way.

Kind regards