Author Topic: Clean Install on a 2009 BMW 1200 GSA  (Read 5760 times)


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Clean Install on a 2009 BMW 1200 GSA
« on: September 25, 2020, 08:07:05 PM »
I'm looking to install some Denali D4 Aux lights on my 2009 BMW R1200 GSA.  A about 2 years ago I purchased the Hex Ez Can kit for this purpose but I think newer versions may now be available.  Here's my deal though.  The original GSA aux lights are almost useless and I'm simply wanting to replace them with the Denali D4's, while continuing to use the original BMW aux. light switch BUT i also want to utilize the programming functionality of the Hex ezCan system.  I'd be ok with adding a dimmer switch of some sort as long as it was a clean set up.

Can anyone tell me how to go about this?  Any experienced input would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Clean Install on a 2009 BMW 1200 GSA
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2020, 01:00:58 PM »
Hi, Firstly, you need to upgrade the firmware on your Ezcan controller.
Secondly, you can replace the OEM Aux light with the D4. There are 4 wire going into the OEM Aux light. You only need the red/green and brown wire. Reg/green being the positive and brown, the negative. BUT...... you are not able to dim the D4 going this way.
Thirdly, connect the D4s to the Ezcan controller and use the dimming function. I presumed your controller does not have the 3 wire dimming plug but you are still able to dim using 2 wires.
Hope this helped.