Author Topic: How to reset the service light on a 2016 BMW S1000R and what is code 21F5F2  (Read 10099 times)


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Hello, I am new to the GS-911 and the forum.

I just purchased my GS 911 tool and used it today to check the codes and reset the service light on my new to me, 2016 BMW S1000R, I had several codes that I cleared and was left with one that I could not find when doing a search on the forum as well as not being able to find how to actually reset the service indicator. I found the screen on the GS 911 to set miles vs KM and how many days but not actual reset.

Any help would be appreciated.  The code that would not clear was 21F5F2 a fuse of some sort.



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Ok I answered my own question with a you tube search as far as re-setting the service indicator.  Also it appears my bike is in limp home mode and the ecu is looking for the exhaust flap and O2 sensors.  The bike has a full Akro exhaust and a power commander (as purchased and ridden for 6 months with no issues) and now the check engine light is on with codes for heated O2 sensors and the exhaust flap as well as runs rough at idle, giant flat spot till about 3500 RPM and then RPM cut off at about 6500.  Before the this the bike was very smooth and very powerful.

Where should I go now?  If the power commander fails would this happen?  I want to have some idea before I take it into the local dealer. 

I realize this is the GS-911 forum any additional help/ideas would be great.  I am posting this in the S1000RR forum as well.



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Hello Ros,
I have the exact same problem as you do. But I have it on another bike R1200GS 2014.
Did you succeed in fixing the problem?


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Hi There

With regards to the fault your struggling to clear, we usually use this website as a reference

The description listed there is as follows:
DME detects that the permitted maximum output current via the outputs of component group 1 has been exceeded.
If a maximum current is exceeded at the fuse module, the voltage supply to component group 1 is switched off.

And the service plan is listed as follows:
Disconnect all components listed below and clear the fault memory.

If, once all components are disconnected, the fault entry then is

a permanent fault: Check wiring harness for insulation damage.not a permanent fault: Successively connect each component again until the fault is entered again.

Components in component group 1:

Camshaft sensor
Secondary-air valve
Oxygen sensors
Tank vent valve (only US and China)
Exhaust flap (only for R- and S-models)

I think I'm leaning towards your suspicion of the power commander that's failing as well, but I cannot say for certain.

@Rody, service reminder resets are located under the special functions menu. This will be displayed at the bottom of the pane where you navigate to your bike under series.

Kind regards