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Need some help please.
BMW R1200 GSA 2008    187k miles

I have this problem with the engine not running smooth, vibrating and mis-fires from quite a while now.  Sometimes is running very rough and cuts off. Recovers after few minutes. 
Also have the feeling that is not pulling as it should.

The issue doesn’t feels to be constant, and it varies from time to time.. sometimes is worst, other times you feel is there, but is not that bad.

I have no error on the GS911, but the log values doesn’t seems to look right, but I’m not an expert…

I have tried different thinks up to now,  changing some bits and sensors, like:

Fuel pump – second hand  BMW
Lambda sensor – New from NTK
Primery coils  - New from Beru
Secondary coils – second hand BMW
Spark plugs – Iridium NGK
Air Filter – new K&M
TPM – tested and looks OK / replace it with an old one .. .issue still present
Alternator – not related issue, but bearings blocked…

Swoop injectors between left and right – log value didn’t changed

Every time when I’ve replaced a sensor, or I did some work on the bike, the bike felt much better, but after a while, the issue was back.. which I found it very strange.

Anyone experience similar issue, or have an idea what the problem is?

Many thanks in advance
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