Author Topic: What a top bit of kit!  (Read 847 times)


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What a top bit of kit!
« on: May 03, 2019, 08:54:59 PM »
Hi all

I bought my GS-911 wifi as I was getting a repeated fault on my XR where the amber engine warning light would come on and strangely the fuel gauge would not reset after refuelling. This happened a few times, each time I booked in to my local BMW dealer and they attempted to sort it. Each time I was relieved of a few quid and the bike was OK for a day or so. One time they fixed it, delivered the bike back to me and it recurred the moment I switched the ignition on. Sadly my bike was by this time out of warranty and when I asked them what I could do they said I needed to leave the bike with them maybe for a couple of weeks and they would have t trace the wiring systematically to try to find the fault, at £90 per hour with no idea how long it would take or how much it would cost.

In desperation I ordered a GS-911 so I could at least clear the fault codes when it happened and maybe try and work out the problem.

ANYWAY long story short, GS-911 diagnosed implausible values on the side stand switch. I cleared the fault and everything worked fine. A day later the problem was back and sure enough the GS-911 had the same fault. So I traced the wire from the side stand switch and discovered it was pinched behind the front sprocket cover. I cut the outer insulation and found the wires inside had been squashed and the insulation damaged. I fixed it for free with insulation tape and job done. Fixed bike!!! I have done 1000 miles since then and all sorted.

How cool is that!!

PS embarrassing BMW couldn't  work out such a simple fix


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Re: What a top bit of kit!
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2019, 03:07:03 AM »
Pleased to hear you were able to diagnose & sort out your problem, afraid the story with the Dealer is all too common

Now you have found & fixed the problem perhaps it is time for a letter of complaint to BMW re the Dealer & demand a refund of the Dealer costs