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TPS adjustment on a K1200LT
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:56:58 AM »
Hello everyone.

I'm confused about the procedure to adjust the TPS on my K1200LT.

Last week I got my throttle body back from Bing.
It was cleaned, inspected, and adjusted as it was in the factory.
They also measured and adjusted the TPS correctly.

So, I installed it back in the bike.

When I start the bike, it runs about 1000 rpm.
When it reaches normal temperate it runs about 1200 rpm.
When I turn the throttle a few times, sometimes the rpm "hangs" on 1500 rpm for about a second, then drops back to 1200 rpm.

Decreasing rpm is going to slow, that happens always.

So I thought, check the TPS setting.
Activated the procedure, with the gs911, and it is halfway in the red zone.
So I asked the repair man from Bing.
He said TPS is installed and adjusted before the throttle valve actuator is placed.

Ok, I removed the throttle valve actuator, and tried the procedure again.
It was perfect in the middle of the green zone.

Should the throttle valve actuator be in place, when the TPS procedure is started?

Let's assume I want to follow the procedure to adjust the TPS.

Start the procedure with the throttle valve actuator in place.
It turns on red, TPS being incorrect.
Ok, I go on in the procedure to adjust TPS.
Left the ignition on the whole procedure.
Next step according to the gs911 (besides checking throttle cables) is to remove the throttle valve actuator.
But then my TPS setting turns green!

I understand why it does that, the throttle valve actuator isn't pushing against the throttle body anymore.
And the TPS is adjusted by Bing without the throttle valve actuator on it.
But how can you adjust the TPS in this way?

Should it be adjusted without, or with throttle valve actuator installed?
Or should i remove the throttle valve actuator BEFORE starting the TPS procedure? (if thats the case, the instructions the GS911 give are incorrect in my opinion)

Why did I send in the throttle body to Bing?
Because I messed it up.
Bike was running ok, but it got a 60k check, so I thought check everything with the gs911.
It said TPS out of range so I adjusted it, and that went wrong.
Because the throttle body was synchronised in the past, I was unable to get it back as it was.
The bike was ok before I messed it up, so there should be no other problem that causes these problems with stationary rpm.

What did I checked out:

The is no tension what do ever on the throttle body.
There are no l leaks (tried with break cleaner with bike running)
Adjustment for throttle cables is ok. (Cold and warm adjusted)
Also the cruise control cable is adjusted correct correctly.
Motronic had a reset.
Battery is ok and full.
Installed a second new set of spark plugs just to be sure.
Installed was a new throttle valve actuator by Bing.
Installed a second new throttle valve actuator by myself (spare part)

I'm going to adjust the screw that's behind the throttle valve actuator to get the rpm down.
It will also change the TPS setting.
Let's see what it does.

I'm just curious what the TPS adjustment should be (so that it works).

Besides that i'm left with the questions:
Why the rpm is increasing when the bike reaches normal temperate?
There should also be a reason that the RPM drops that slowly, if i release the gas?
And i Noticed during the ride today, that were Idle is normally 1200 RPM, when i hit the brakes RPM immediately drops to 1000 RPM?
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