Author Topic: R1200GS fuel tank replaced with a GSA tank - fuel calibration  (Read 2993 times)


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Several years ago I replaced my 2009 GS tank with a 2010 GSA tank.  Both use the same fuel strip.  I calibrated a new fuel strip when I made the change.  I am told there is no way to change the bike computer from thinking there is 8.7 gallons for the GSA tank from the 5 gallons in the GS tank.  Some of you real experts may know of a way to make the GS computer think it is starting with 8.7 gallons and not 5.  The range to empty seems to be the problem area but if I turn off the bike and turn it back on you would think the current level on the fuel strip would allow for a reset of range to empty but that doesn't seem to happen.  Some have experienced the range going to zero along with the fuels bars going to none and after 20 or 30 miles the display seems to reset to the actual level in the tank.  I have never experienced this.  If none of you has figured out a work around then I will replace the fuel strip with a float and use an emulator (fuel strip to float converter) made by a guy in the Netherlands.  I asked Hex Code in SA about using the GSA conversion and not the GS screen but they said the conversion parameters are the same for the GS and GSA. I added a sidecar so my mileage has dropped to 30 mpg so I usually reset my trip indicator to zero with each refill but it would be nice to find a solution.