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gs911 - TPS granularity
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:22:56 PM »
I have a 2000 K1200rs that I've owned for a few years and finally bought a gs911 (1606 version sw).
The k12rs has a number of aftermarket mods (exhaust and RSR fuel injectors) that will affect the stock air/fuel mix.
The TPS adjustment was out of spec before doing anything (to the right on the display) and when I brought it back into the 'green' it ran poorly.
Since I can not use the 'green' sweet spot i used the real time values instead (selecting only TPS) to adjust the throttle sensor position.
So here is the question: When I was making the adjustment, I noticed that the real time values do not register smoothly as you turn the sensor, but jump in .32 increments. Is this by design or should it be a smooth transition as you turn the sensor?
To illustrate, my bike runs really well when TPS is at 1.6 degrees. As I move the TPSensor the next value down is 1.28, then .96, then .64 etc. (difference of .32 each step). Is this behavior to be expected?