Author Topic: Fault code 288, TPS. K1200LT  (Read 4841 times)

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Fault code 288, TPS. K1200LT
« on: May 25, 2016, 04:17:01 PM »
My 2000 K1200 shows a 288 code, "TPS internal fault on upper or lower potentiometer slider."  The bike idles fine and runs fine but then feels as if it runs out of fuel and returns to idle for a few seconds and then returns back to normal.  Too much throttle application "boggs" the bike down and it feels like it is out of fuel.  New fuel pressure regulator.  Filter and lines OK with tight fittings.  TPS reset completed.  Any suggestions please?  Is dealer maintenance only option?  Any experience with potentiometer adjustment?

Thank you for any assistance.