Author Topic: Pull realtime values from the GS911  (Read 4303 times)


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Pull realtime values from the GS911
« on: June 07, 2015, 06:36:22 PM »
Hi all. I just received my GS911 and I'm about to dig in. During a long ride, I want to pull realtime values from the GS911 and log them to a web page. I'll have a Raspberry Pi board connect to the GS911 via wifi and process the values. I'm a software guy, so I know how to get the values to a web page continuously, but polling the GS911 is another matter. I see that the GS911 serves a web page that shows realtime values (for the K1300S in my case). The web page for my device that shows all of the realtime values is:

...however this link is not persistent. Browsing this link from another device or another browser does not show the realtime data. I imagine there's probably an HTTP POST or something going on there to to display the page, but not sure. Has anyone on this board attempted to do something similar?