Author Topic: Miles to km on TFT R1200GS  (Read 762 times)


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Miles to km on TFT R1200GS
« on: April 23, 2020, 12:33:01 AM »
Hi all
just in case some1 sees this and, by some miracle, it is possible with gs911

Last year a friend came over with a R1250GS that he imported from the US, asked me to convert miles into KM on his GS as there was no option on switching between those two via control buttons. After some digging inside the bkies brain i realised that when a bike was made specifically for the US market and sold there miles are the only option, you can not switch between miles and kms using ICOM and ISTA package so I did a bit of searching, realised that there are a bunch of pszdata packets for this specific bike, found the right one one that allowed me to reprogram his TFT to kilometers. Turnes out that almost every US state has its own requirements and bmw has different software package for them. Oh well. After I spent almost a week searching this and that but solved the task, next 5 bikes were a piece of cake, i can find and use the proper data package and reprogram everything for under an hour. All of them were 2019 or 2020 R1250GS.
Thats 1250GS, pls note that.

Last week another guy came over with R1200GS Rallye - bought in bmw dealership in Texas, imported in europe, has TFT screen so i thought ok, this will be easy and it was BUT - after the first stop Hillstart option just vanishes. I used Esys to rget it back and as I pressed the front brake lever kilometers changed for miles. So i changed them back, pressed the brake lever and Hillstart vanishes again.

Now, I've done probably everything with the original and current data package on this bike including comparing them line by line and I do not see any connection between miles, front rake and hillstart doind that david copperfield stuff. I can have it with hillstart and miles (original software package) or redo it on km but no hillstart.

Just in case and i really cant see how to solve this - can GS-911 change miles to KM on R1200GS with TFT display? Asking for a friend :)