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Fuel strip emulator
« on: April 18, 2019, 08:36:49 PM »
Hi, just bought the GS911 recently as I am starting to do all my own servicing on my 2008 GS.  While out recently I got the dreaded Fuel Warring and Amber Triangle warnings and the fuel dropped to zero.  Prior to this the strip had stopped working but was constantly showing full so no dash warnings.  I purchased a strip emulator for HPoskam in Holland and fitted it.  I now have a problem that the emulator doesnt work due to "In exceptional cases, the emulator cannot work, the most common reason being that the operating voltage required by the emulator, which is regulated by the board computer, is missing.The green LED on the emulator does not light up! Measure the voltage on the 4-pole connector on the 2 outer pins with a multi or voltmeter."  I have measured the voltage and its not 12V it 0.7V.  The readout from the GS911 say the fault is cleared but the reply I got from Henk Poskam was "Yes, if there is and error the computer will stopping the 12 volt, needed for powering the emulator or the bmw full ribbon. I think the GS911 can delete the error.
But i am not 100% about it."   

Does anybody know what I need to do or give me some idea of where to start looking..  I want to get rid of the anoying dash warnings 

Thanks Guys