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CAN Bus Error...
« on: June 21, 2018, 03:55:21 AM »
Bike is BMW R Nine T. Recently the KOMBI(Instrument Cluster) just acting weird rebooting randomly. So I ran the report below from GS911. Got the CANBus Errors. Can I still ride it with the errors? Since the dealer appointment will be in July. Is it needs to be replaced?
It would be nice if any advise. Thank you.


BMS type:   BMS-KP2
Part No.:   8521661
Hardware Index:   36
Coding Index:   03
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   2014-12-06
MCV:   0.6.2
FSV:   0.77.51
OSV:   2.3.1
Manufacturer:   Bosch
HWOE No.:   104146283
Program status:   510I
Date release:   1A12
Factory I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
Actual I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
VIN model year:   2015

1 fault codes found:

10218   CAN-bus Timeout: no communication with KOMBI (Instrument Cluster) control unit
The fault is currently present.
Anti-Theft Alarm
RDC/DWA type:   Anti-Theft Alarm
Part No.:   8544716
Hardware Index:   14
Coding Index:   4
Manufacturer:   Gemel
HWOE No.:   104232675
MCV:   0.6.0
FSV:   3.0.0
OSV:   3.2.1

No fault codes found
ZFE type:   ZFE-Basic
Factory I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
Actual I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
Part No.:   8554940
Hardware Index:   C8
Coding Index:   10
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   2004-03-01
MCV:   0.6.4
FSV:   3.1.1
OSV:   3.3.0
Manufacturer:   Loewe Lear
HWOE No.:   103888227
Factory I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
Actual I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
   Speed sensor manufacturer is Bosch   
   Speed sensor type is DF11   
   ABS fitted   
   DWA fitted   
   Storage of temperature indication when engine hot   
   Lever type fuel sensor   
   Reserve warning contact switch   
   Riding lights off when high beam on   
   Manual low beam off switch   

1 fault codes found:

41756   CAN-bus timeout to KOMBI (Instrument cluster) control module
The fault is not present now.
Cluster type:   CAN-Kombi-K7
Part No.:   8554829
Hardware Index:   C1
Coding Index:   01
Manufacturer:   Preh
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   2014-03-27
MCV:   0.6.0
FSV:   1.6.0
OSV:   3.3.30
HWOE No.:   103887595
Assembly No.:   8554831
Factory I-Level:   K024-14-08-500
Actual I-Level:   K024-14-08-500

No fault codes found
Part No.:   8555767
HW Version No.:   D1
Coding Index:   0
Manufacturing Date:   2013-04-15
HWOE No.:   103882683
Manufacturer:   Bosch
MCV:   0.6.7
FSV:   2.8.0
OSV:   3.4.32
Variant:   K21

1 fault codes found:

59698   CAN bus: No communication with the instrument cluster (KOMBI) control unit
The fault is not present now.