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XRDC Real Time Data
« on: October 11, 2017, 01:57:29 AM »
I can view real-time RDC data but it makes no sense, at first I thought it was because the sensors were not activated (need to be at >30km/h - so I attached the 911 to the bike (R1200RT LC) and went for a ride.  The results are still weird here's a sample:

Time (ms)   Battery voltage (V)   Battery status Front   Battery status Rear   Tyre pressure Front (PSI)   Tyre pressure Rear (PSI)   Tyre temperature Front (°F)   Tyre temperature Rear (°F)
1164370   14.4   1   1   0.04   0.04   80.6   84.2
1164411   13.9   1   1   0.04   0.04   80.6   84.2
1164452   14.3   1   1   0.04   0.04   80.6   84.2

The battery voltage and temperatures are believable but the pressures are nonsense, the dash readout was 36psi front and 40psi rear.
The reason I am looking at this is because the rear sensor is intermittent I was hoping to "catch it in the act" so to speak.  Every time I take the bike past the dealers everything looks fine...