Author Topic: ESA calibration issue on R1200GS 2007 model  (Read 3998 times)


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ESA calibration issue on R1200GS 2007 model
« on: October 20, 2013, 05:17:46 AM »
I am having some difficulty recalibrating ESA on  a 2007 R1200GS

Using the latest Beta 1309.3 software, I checked the ESA settings and the readings were:-

Front Sensor Position:      34
Front sensor maximum:    1140
Rear Sensor Position:       565
Rear sensor maximum:     1133

After recalibration, the readings were:

Front Sensor Position:      33
Front sensor maximum:    1127
Rear Sensor Position:       0
Rear sensor maximum:     0

I have tried several times to recalibrate the rear. The motor is driving.. easy to hear. However, an error comes up each time...Error with calibration.

I tried the front calibration again and is now coming up with:

Front Sensor Position:      0
Front sensor maximum:    1127

The front preload motor is driving... which is also easy to hear.

The ESA adjustments were all working before I tried the recalibration. (I know, if its not broken then don't try to fix it..)

Any thoughts?

ECU Info Report

GS-911 version: 1309.3 Datapack version:1.7 Serial Number: GS60271909 Registered to: Gary Watts
Date: 20/10/2013 Time: 1:13:27 PM

ZFE type:ZFE-High
Factory I-Level:K024-07-10-500
Actual I-Level:K024-08-01-500
Part No.:7718037
Hardware Index:3
Coding Index:9
Manufacturing Date(YY/MM/DD):2004-04-15
Manufacturer:Loewe Lear
HWOE No.:25915351
  Speed sensor manufacturer is Bosch
  Speed sensor type is DF11
  ABS fitted
  ESA fitted
  ESA has hall sensor
  Heated grips
  Outside temperature sensor
  Brake light switch status over CAN
  Rear bulb replacement
  Film type fuel sensor
  Manual low beam off switch
  Brake light type is LED
  Rear light type is LED
  Storage of temperature indication when engine hot