Author Topic: K1300R ESA2 Calibration  (Read 6594 times)


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K1300R ESA2 Calibration
« on: March 03, 2017, 02:38:32 PM »
First post so apologies if it's in the wrong place. Trying to calibrate the ESA2 on my K1300R and cannot find where on the GS911 this function lives. Could one of you more experienced people help me find it?
I went through the menus many times, at least once with engine running. Controller details shown below.
Many thanks for any help.
Controller Name   ZFE-High
Part No.   08531470
Hardware Index   08
Coding Index   30
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD)   2004-04-15
MCV   0.6.4
FSV   3.3.0
OSV   3.3.0
Manufacturer   Loewe Lear
Factory I-Level   K024-12-02-500
Actual I-Level   K024-12-02-500
Speed sensor manufacturer is Bosch
Speed sensor type is DF11
ABS fitted
ESA fitted
ESA has hall sensor
Heated grips
Push button heat
Outside temperature sensor
Brake light switch status over CAN
Rear bulb replacement
Lever type fuel sensor
Manual low beam off switch
Brake light type is LED
Rear light type is LED
Fault Codes   0
No Faults found