Author Topic: ESA and ASC not operating  (Read 7400 times)

Don Nightingale

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ESA and ASC not operating
« on: June 13, 2015, 11:38:51 PM »
2010 R 1200 RT SE. Both ESA and ASC suddenly became non operational. Earliest BMW could carry out fault analysis was 3 weeks with a further 2 to 3 weeks delay to effect repair so purchased a GS 911. GREAT piece of kit. Checked and cleared all existing fault codes and recalibrated rear suspension (no pre-load adjustment on front suspension on this model hence no front calibration). Fault still evident. Searched internet and found details of plug in connectors on left hand switch gear assembly: 3 plugs, 2 pin plug heated grips,
4 pin plug: pin 1 screen lower, pin 2 screen raise. pin 3 ASC activate / deactivate, pin 4 ESA adjust. Note pin 4 is identified on end of plug which can be read with a magnifying glass
8 pin plug: pin 1 horn, pin 2 RHS indicator, pin 3 Hazard warning flashers, pin 4 Hi beam / flash, pin 5 turn signal cancel, pin 6 LHS indicator, pin 7 wetting voltage (see later), pin 8 computer info scroll button. Note pin 5 is identified on end of connector which again needs a magnifying glass to read. Once you've established pins 4 and 5 on each of the plugs its easy to determine the other pin positions. By applying a jump lead between pin 7 (wetting voltage) and other pin functions you can activate the ESA, indicators etc . My test identified switch faults on both  ESC and ASC micro switches. Replacement LH switch assembly installed fault cured - Success!!


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Re: ESA and ASC not operating
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2015, 03:24:27 AM »
Good to hear of the success, you are right, a great little tool