Author Topic: C650GT windshield calibration option off menu after failed attempt  (Read 2878 times)


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I have 2 C650GT's with the same issue - both have stopped adjusting the windshields but for different reasons: One scooter has had the battery drained after having been stationary for a good while, but upon disassembly the motor is working fine. The other has a motor that is stuck, has likely succumbed to corrosion.

When hooked up to the GS-911 they both have the same error: The menu fails to display the option for calibration of the windshield and upon autoscan they both say there is an EEPROM 37660 error.

I have removed the working/tested windshield assembly and want to replace the corroded/stuck assembly with the working one. How can indicate to the bike there is a new assembly in there and it is safe to calibrate it once more?
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Re: C650GT windshield calibration option off menu after failed attempt
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Hi Elwin

We'll need a bit more info by means of an autoscan, you can attach it here or past the text in your response to see the bike's vehicle order.

Then, you can run the calibration function as many times as you like, it's just a command that we send to the bike to let it know it needs to relearn the max and minimum values again, no harm in repeating it at all.

Kind regards