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Title: Intermittent engine cut out at light throttle
Post by: panason1c on July 24, 2017, 09:10:22 PM
Sorry for the long post, Ive tried to include as much detail as possible
My K1300s, 2011, has started randomly cutting out for a split second at between 2000/2500 rpm, usually when on very light throttle/light load. Sometimes I can ride for miles without a problem, the problem is very random and when it cuts out during a slow turning manouvre  the sudden lurch, as it stops and then starts, nearly cause me to come off. It will also happen at around 30mph on light load but at higher speeds and under acceleration it is fine.
I have noticed that at the moment of it cutting out the rev counter starts to fall to zero (for the split second before the engine is running again) this says to me that it is an engine cut and not a misfire. I keep connecting my gs911 between rides and mostly it shows no faults (even if the cut-out has happend).
Occasionally I get this same code repeating.... 'Fan Motor/additional headlights (K26SF/K25/02)..... but the fan works perfectly and also works when requested on output test by the gs911 and I dont have additional lights fitted.
The cut is similar, in effect, to when I use the it possible for the qs engine cut to randomly activate without using the qs?
ps... I have replaced the crankshaft sensor and fuel pump controller and ignition switch to try to solve the problem,  but that made no diifference
Title: Re: Intermittent engine cut out at light throttle
Post by: panason1c on August 13, 2017, 11:29:47 PM
UPDATE....For anyone with a similar problem, was the coil sticks faulty, I replaced all 4 and problem resolved!!