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Title: Gen II ezCan on a '21 1250RT
Post by: Hati on March 16, 2022, 12:34:55 PM
I have a GenII unit that I used on an '06 RT successfully to provide me with separate brake and park light power for a trailer.

I removed the device when I sold the bike. Over the past weekend I attempted to use it on my new '21 RT. The bike has all the options (the only way to get them in Australia) so tyre pressure monitoring unit is fitted, so is an alarm.

The manual recommends connecting the CANBUS loom to the TPM unit on the RT, but what I think is that on the '21 bike has no compatible connector. The alarm however does, one of the plugs on the alarm unit at least. Both of these boxes are in the tail enclosure of the bike, so there is a considerable amount of dismantling is required to get to them

The new bike has separate feed for brake and park lights, so I first tried to connect the trailer plug directly to the bike's tail light loom. Having LEDs only on the trailer I was hoping to get away without using the ezCan, but the park light side of the trailer (4 separate LED lights combined) causes problems and the bike shuts it down with an error.

I then connected the ezCan and installed the latest configuration software and reconfigured the device as required, but it never detected any communication on the CANBUS, so it never worked. Manually activating the channels turns on everything as expected so that confirms that the connections are ok.

Has anyone else had any experience with '21 or '22 RTs? If yes, where did you connect to the CANBUS?

I had to leave for a 5 day trip with the bike and trailer so I used two relays to be driven by the brake and park light sources from the tail light loom and in turn switch power on and off for the corresponding trailer plug pins. The system works, but the park light relay buzzes as the bike performs the self test as the voltage is ramped up on the tail lights, so it is not a perfect solution. Besides that I would prefer to use the ezCan to give me adjustable circuit protection.

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: Gen II ezCan on a '21 1250RT
Post by: Ruan on March 17, 2022, 09:18:25 AM
Hi Hati

Thank you for all the details provided. Unfortunately the new RT is a liquid cooled (LC) bike, whereas your old RT was an oil cooled bike. The problem is that the old RT's data is sent on the DWA module while the LC bike's data is on the RDC module. Naturally their data is also very different, so you will need to get the LC ezCAN for your new RT, and perhaps look to sell the old one as a second hand unit.

Whenever in doubt, please remember to use our VIN decoder to see which products are compatible with your bike's VIN:

Kind regards and safe travels
Title: Re: Gen II ezCan on a '21 1250RT
Post by: Hati on March 17, 2022, 10:50:28 AM
Ok, thanks for that.