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Title: Harley-Davidson Pan America
Post by: Prykey on January 22, 2022, 02:12:53 AM
Hi there, when will you be releasing the EzCan unit to fit the Harley-Davidson Pan America to the UK market please?
Title: Re: Harley-Davidson Pan America
Post by: Ruan on February 04, 2022, 10:01:53 AM
Hi Prykey

We are busy working on a Pan Am to develop the ezCAN software, which will allow full functionality in all its glory once completed. We actually purchased a demo Pan Am (the data is so different to what we expect on the HD bikes that we decided to buy one), which we are working on and once it's released, we'll be notifying everyone on our newsletter - you can signup here:

If you would like to be considered for beta testing (at a later stage, once development is complete), please send through your bike's details (VIN, extras), which accessories you're planning to fit and where you are based in the UK to our helpdesk mail.

Kind regards
Title: Re: Harley-Davidson Pan America
Post by: Prykey on February 07, 2022, 03:51:26 PM
Hi Ruan, I've just replied with this message direct to Stephan T.

Hi Stephan, I’m based in Dereham In Norfolk but not adverse to a little ride  ;), where are you based with HEX? My bike (Pan America Special) is currently standard apart from full aluminium luggage and a fly lead directly off of the battery to plug the HOG Booster (NOCO Boost Plus GB40) into in case I need to jump start the bike. As for what I want to do, I’d like to fit my Garmin 395 Sat Nav ( I have the Touratech above instruments bracket to fit), I’d like Denali T3’s fitted to the stock H-D hand guards and used as DRL’s and Indicators, Denali B6 Stop/Tail light, a pair of Denali D3’s or D4’s with hybrid lenses fitted which I’d like to be able to turn on and off and vary the light output in line with dip and main beam with the headlight and lastly I’d like to add the Denali Sound Bomb so that I can be heard as well as seen! Other possibilities are adding an Innovv Camera System and replacing the sump guard with a beefier item. Where possible I’d like the wiring to be plug and play to make returning to standard easy should I ever need to and I understand that Denali are producing plug and play wiring for this bike, currently for their Dial Dim product with specific brackets for forward lighting and the Sound Bomb. I’d look to fit the D3’s or D4’s where H-D suggests fitting their Daymaker Auxiliary Lights as they are protected by the crash bars if I’m not mistaken. Let me know if you need anymore information.

Best regards John