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General Discussion / K1600B Wiped out my tachometer
« Last post by TOMK1600BGA on June 22, 2024, 07:00:46 PM »

I just entered the tachometer settings with the June 2024 update for the 10” TFT.

Unfortunately, my K1600B has an XKOMBA TFT, not XKOMBI. I now have no tachometer. None of the saved configurations worked for me.

Any ideas on how I might restore the tach?

Thanks, Tom
GS-911 / Re: June 2024 Software and Firmware updates for GS-911
« Last post by on June 22, 2024, 06:44:28 PM »
Is this the same version of the software that you can't seem to get working so that we can correct the issue that the device caused? How it breaks my ECU and all I have is some foreign cluster now that can't communicate with the engine. Is that the update I should be excited about? Since you marked the ticket as solved and my bike is just sitting there useless, I thought I would come here to point out that you didn't solve anything. But I know that you already knew that
A few things first - can someone change the registration question - i actually had to google if BMW sold Husqvarna to Lotus... anyhow...

So honest truth I'm pretty disappointed in my GS911 tool - [2022 BMW S1000RR]  for such an expensive tool it doesn't really do much...  here was my amazon review - and posting it here so perhaps things can be improved or more functionality added - especially something approaching the cost of a average budget laptop.

supposedly the "best" tool - not impressed at all (wireless functions barely worked) not worth the $

Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2024
Verified Purchase

Still debating if i should return this - totally NOT worth the price tag - in IDEAL conditions in my driveway has serious issues connecting to the WIFI and DD modes on 2022 BMW -- took about 45 min to get things even somewhat working...

Eventually I ditched the WIFI and DD modes and hooked it straight up to a computer by USB to get any kind of success.

Guess i could have saved myself 100 and just gotten the USB version. and yes i also tried updating the firmware on the device just to make sure but it kept disconnecting despite being literally less than 6 inches away from the mobile app. Tried 5G (internet) + cell hotspot : kept disconnecting after about 82% , also tried just WIFI (no internet) and also built in Direct Device mode (with and without internet) - if this thing cant or can barely save me im my driveway in the city how it is going to help me on some adventure or trackday when no internet is available.

This is truely sad took so long and so many attempts to read the stuff from my bike that had to turn on the engine as battery was draining - as the app also stops/complains if battery is lower than 12.2v.

im going to research some more - ive had OBD2 readers before and this is just not at all what i expected - what a hassle and pretty much guarantees im going to have to take some sort of windows laptop with me as android (ver 12) very unpleasant experience with the wireless on the GS911wifi ... maybe i should have gotten something from "MotoScan" instead - may very well still do that as the price point on what i think your getting is pretty ridiculous ... (wouldn't be surprised if this thing was just the original raspberry-pi with nice case)

So on top just basic functionality working better i think that the tool should also be capable of customizations  like the  $40.00  "Carista OBD2 dongle".... you know  allowing one to do things like to disable those annoying beeps/pings your car makes - if i can program my trucks ecu to do things like "ignore driver safety belt warning" and a multitude of other safety related stuff, (driver assist, instruments/display/nav, misc sensors) as well as setting default environmental options (lighting, heat, ac, etc) --  all at $40...    that for an order magnitude price difference; ergo, $400+ for the basic USB GS911 you think it would allow you to tell the ECU to disable or ignore warnings (not throw them on dash or even report them at all)  regarding headlamps disconnected, turning signals disconnected or anything else one would normally do when going to the track. Im know some customizations are possible - but guess i was just looking for more out of this GS911-WIFI which at $500 left bad taste behind as the WIFI took forever to work think i was out there so long my battery was getting low after 45 minutes of trying to get it to work in a few different configurations (WIFI vs DD) - i simply gave up and i pulled out my work laptop and just used the USB feature to do what needed to be done.

Im sure a lot of work goes into the development i guess i was just expecting more options based on the cost... could have paid for a few other days at the track. And now that im thinking of it it would be prob cheaper to go to the dealer to reset the service code a few times (~10-13) before the device would pay for itself.. Again not seeking to negate the hard work that goes into this but rather seeking to inspire - to see how else it could be used ...

GS-911 / Re: June 2024 update-Sport screen
« Last post by WayneC on June 22, 2024, 02:58:39 AM »
Open a support ticket with Hexcode then up load logs quoting the Ticket No so they can look at what is happening
GS-911 / June 2024 update-Sport screen
« Last post by strataj on June 21, 2024, 07:46:51 PM »
This update seems to have a bunch of nice upgrade features.  I have a 2022 R1250RT.  I only want to add the Sport Screen at this time.  Went to XKOMBA  Instrument Cluster/Coding.  Successfully added the Sport Screen.  The TFT on my 22R1250RT now displays a new menu choice "CORE", it's to the right of my vehicle before Radio.  It has a down arrow but it doesn't open.  I've tried to open when stopped and moving.  The Sport screen never displays.  Any advice on what I should be doing?  On an added note I didn't have the BMW Connected APP installed.  In the middle of my test ride I installed the APP.  It did record the rest of my ride but still no Sport screen.  Thanks!   
General Discussion / Re: BMW R18 Bagger aux lights TFT icon
« Last post by Fleabag on June 20, 2024, 07:36:27 PM »
Thanks for implementing the TFT icon for the aux lights. You guys rock!
GS-911 / Re: June 2024 Software and Firmware updates for GS-911
« Last post by jjhj306 on June 20, 2024, 07:05:03 PM »
Hi, Coded up an alarm on my 2019 R1250GSA today awesome update!

Is there a way I can code the remote key to turn the alarm on and off or do I just have to use it with the auto arm and disarm?
GS-911 / Help with Code: 0x480BC0 | Once
« Last post by TundraWookie on June 20, 2024, 06:55:08 PM »
GS911 provided code 0x480BC0.
It displayed once on the TFT, GS911 confirmed the fault reported only once.
Any thoughts on what may have caused it?

2023 GSA

Thank you - Rob
Introduce yourself... / Re: Hello from Croatia
« Last post by Zorik_west on June 20, 2024, 05:38:41 PM »
Bok !
GS-911 / June 2024 Software and Firmware updates for GS-911
« Last post by Francois Barnard on June 20, 2024, 12:51:08 PM »
Hi all,

Please see the NEWS announcement for our new release:

Kind regards,
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