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Fuel Strips (Film type fuel sensor)

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hi All,

I would like to get an idea, how many of you have Fuel Strips (as opposed to the lever type Float sensor) ?

If you have a Fuel strip, pls post your Model i.e. 2007 R1200RT, along with your VIN pls? as well as stating whether you've had yours replaced yet...

If you don't know whether your bike has a Lever type sensor or a FuelStrip sensor, pls have a look either the AutoScan or ECU info for your ZFE control unit... under the ZFE Configuration section it will either state: "Lever type fuel sensor" or "Film type fuel sensor" ...see:


Have 2009 R1200GSA, WB103800X9ZW75480

And yes, have replaced it once.

VIN WB10368005 ZM12207 Build date: July 2005 - Strip is faulty, gauge reads high and getting worse , I've no plans to replace it till BMW come up with a proper fix,


I think then you will wait a while, as BMW has just discontinued those from the 2010 models on...

I've wondered whether one can make a conversion from the levertype float, to plug into the film strip plug in the harness and still get good accurate readings...

Someone contacted me once and told me they were busy with a film strip replacement.. I'll try and find those mails again...

just checked today.. and the pinouts to the ZFE itself are completely different... for the lever type vs the film strip... and if memory serves me correctly, the film strip is 0 - 0.5V vs. the 0 - 5V for the lever type float...

Anyone have any good technical information on how the strips work? I know they're 4 pins 2 for the "film" and 2 for the heating circuit..

I'm guessing the differences in linearity will be an issue too...  Anyway, if anyone has any GOOD references / datasheets / forum writeups.. feel free to post them here too..


R 1200GS -08 Strip type no faulty WB10303038ZU12095


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