Author Topic: Greetings from Nebraska  (Read 6577 times)


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Greetings from Nebraska
« on: December 01, 2013, 08:53:01 PM »
I've had my GS-911 for two years but finally found the utility of this user forum.  I like my unit too.  I'm trying to switch the interface from an old laptop to a new tablet computer.  I mentioned the GS-911 unit to the local, official BMW dealer in Omaha.  Surprisingly, their mechanic had never heard of one.  Of course, they would not mention such a unit for fear it would take away business.  Not to worry, I still bring my bike in because the GS-911 unit tells me what is wrong but won't fix much.

I am waiting on the K1600 compatible unit.
BMW F800GS and K1600GT