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MMOexp: Consider catching damage bonuses dependent
« on: July 04, 2024, 12:14:33 PM »

Do not underestimate how successful your flasks are in Path of Exile. Usefulness flasks can offer lots of defensives to your own character, although life flasks provide lots of regeneration quickly. Flasks can grant you lots of armor while Jade flasks can offer evasion that is needed to attacks, to mitigate damage. Stibnite flasks can blind enemies that are nearby, halving their own chance to hit on you. Unlike ARPGs such as Diablo, flasks in Path of Exile recharge based on enemies, so you can have these powerful buffs active if you kill.

The passive tree, which is more of a passive forest, is when they start the game, the first thing players will notice. Despite how big it is, pathing it about is simple. All you have to do is grab bonuses that would benefit your character. Look at grabbing energy or life shield passives if you are often getting one-shot. Consider catching damage bonuses dependent on the weapon, spell, or component you're using to kill enemies, if your damage isn't enough to kill enemies fast. Generally, the life you grab from the tree the life allowed from your gear will be--raising your general health pool.

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