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Coding the XBCL (body controller) on older GS LC without TFT


I was eagerly awaiting the April 2024 update because coding with 'Bimmer Utility' is not possible for my model year.
I really wanted to activate the 'cruising lights'.
The coding options are displayed but when attempting to program it is aborted with the message that the firmware version is not compatible.

My motorcycle is built in 2017. Typ 0A51
Firmware-date: 15.03.2015
Firmware-ID: 0x2A58
Firmwareversion: 001.007.001
Firmware-ID: 0x2A55
Firmwareversion: 002.000.000

Are there any experience with coding older XBCL? Does it make sense asking a 'friendly dealer' for a firmware update?


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