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Añadir modo sport en el tft C400 GT

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Hello, when adding the sport mode in the TFT on a c400 gt I would like to know if the RPM number can be modified since it is a motorcycle that works at 5000 rpm and now reads 10,000 rpm. max.
In the original urban mode of the motorcycle it reads 9000 rpm. max.

When changing modes from the c400 gt URBAN mode to sport, the machine does not consider it to go back in order to do so, you have to restore a copy.
You are going to add urban mode so you don't have to restore it to factory default.



Buenas, al añadir el modo sport  en el TFT en una c400 gt quisiera saber si se puede modificar el numero de RPM ya q es una moto trabaja en  5000 rpm y ahora marca 10000 rpm. max.
En el modo urban original de la moto marca 9000 rpm. max.

Al cambiar de modos el modo de la c400 gt URBAN a sport no lo contempla la maquina para volver atrás para poder hacerlo hay q restaurar copia.
Vais a añadir el modo urban para no tener que restaurar para dejarlo de serie.



Hi Jacomodus

I'll need to confirm with the developers, but what I expect would be the configuration that's available on your bike, is similar to that of the adventure bikes, not catering exactly for the bikes like a C400.

Kind regards


If you ever want to undo a coding session and changing the coding option is not sufficient you can always use the GS-911 Restore Coding function.
This is not a factory reset as it simply recodes one of your available historic coding configurations.

I'm currently investigating tachometer customisation, that might be of use for you.
One thing I've seen is that I'm not able to enable the 9k ref range on a bike that is coded to be Sport, as the tacho display depends on the vehicle segment, and in order to get the sport screen you are essentially coding your cluster to believe it is on a sport bike.
I would love to get your feedback once some of the tachometer custom options become available.

I am glad to read these pleasant opinions, especially those from Wilco who say they are working to improve.
I'm interested because people who have a C400 say that the C400's tachometer is sad.
It would be nice to adapt one of the GS style with the rev range at 9000rpm and its red zone at 5000 RPM but with good presence.


Me alegor leer estas gratas opiniones , sobre todo las de Wilco que dice que esta trabajando para mejorar.
A mi me interesa por que la gente que tine C400 dice que el tacometro de la C400 es triste.
Molaria adaptar bien uno del estilo GS con el rango de revoluciones a 9000rpm y su zona roja a 5000 RPM pero con buena presencia.

              Ruan that is why I ask if they are going to improve this option to be able to customize it according to the bike.


           Ruan es por eso,  que pregunto si van a mejorar esta opción  para poder personalizarlo a acorde a motocicleta. 


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