Author Topic: How to set --> Left auxiliary light brighter when brake (hand or foot) activated  (Read 5215 times)


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My hex ezcan II on 1250 GS bike worked this way.... front left auxiliary light become brighter than right when brake was activated, as soon as i let the brake, brightness was same on left and right.
2 days ago, connected to PC, installed the new firmware on ezcan, and now can't set it up again this way.

Is this feature missing from new firmware, or am i missing something ?



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Hi Zozoka

Thank you for the details. The only way for an indicator to increase in brightness with your brake, is if it's a rear indicator that's been setup as a Run/Brake/Turn output. However, you mentioned that this was on the front aux light, which does not sound like expected behaviour. This may have been a bug at one point that we corrected, but I haven't heard of this in the 4 years that I've been working at Hex.

Kind regards and safe travels