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PC version installation problem


I am a new user and am having issues with installing the PC version on my Mac with Parallels 17 Pro and Windows 11. The installer hangs right after starting the install and I have to force quit the installer using task manager. I have the cloud version installed on my Mac but wanted to be able to use all of the features that the Windows version has verses just the ones the cloud version has.

Any ideas?

Hi Macadamia

The Windows and Web (Mac/mobile) versions share the same functionality. The primary goal of the Windows PC is to allow offline functionality similar to the cloud functions available in the web app, it does not contain more functionality as it once did.

Regarding the running of parallels, the fact that it's hanging as it starts tells me that the USB connection speed is not fast enough, as the first step of the installer is to connect to your GS-911 via USB. These settings can be altered to improve speed depending on the VM software you are using.

Kind regards

That is good to hear. I have it on my Mac in cloud mode and also on my iPhone. I'm glad I'm covered. I'll look into the USB issue - I agree that is probably what is keeping it from installing. It seems to hang right after it asks me to plug the unit in.

Thank you for the reply.


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