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Add setting changes for MPH/KM/h

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On US bikes BMW as opted not to provide the option of switching between MPH and km/h. Ironically Canadian BMWs have that setting in the configuration settings so if they come across the border they can easily change their speed indicator. I know part of what has always made the GS-911 appealing is the enhancements they have made over the years. Any chance of adding this functionality or is that hard firmware update needed for US bikes?

The ability to provide the feature of changing from km/h & MPH will be model dependent, which models are you referring to ?

Sorry, on modern GS's with the TTF screens.

I think I have a related issue....I posted in a different thread but this might be better suited. My bike is an Urban GS.
I have a KOSO DL04 instrument cluster, which displays all the hidden functions such as fuel consumption, battery voltage, revs, gears etc.
When I plug the GS-911 I can't find the Cluster Coding menu, which in other bikes allows you to change the units (for example mpg to l/100km).
Is it that I can't find it, or maybe because being the "detected bike"  an Urban GS it just doesn't provide the Cluster Coding  because the OEM instrument cluster doesn't have the fuel consumption?
Any workaround? (e.g. selecting a different bike)?

Then I'll answer your question, but if no answer comes, it should be clear that nobody here has an answer

Expecting answers to questions about an aftermarket speedometer is arguably a little tricky.
No idea if the GS911 can read this instrument at all.
Here you owe us an autoscan.

However, in order to get exact information, an inquiry with the manufacturer / seller of this instrument is necessary


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