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TMPS sensor - numeric vs alphanumeric sensor IDs how2


After struggling with a front TPMS sensor swap on a 2010 k1300, I reached out to support. Here's the details for anyone else looking.  Enjoy and hope it helps.

The original sensor part number has been superseded a couple times by BMW. In my case here are part # with the sensor IDs
Original part# 36237653494 - ID 630014
New part# 36318532732 - ID 221CD2

The issue, the gs911 won't take a alphanumeric value. It errors with "invalid number!"

While is should have occurred, I didn't think about what the values represent. The new ID is a hexadecimal value were as the original was a decimal value. Use any online hex to dec converter and then enter the decimal value into the gs911.

221CD2 in hex equals 2235602 in decimal.

Easy peasy and bob's your uncle.

Good job, thank you


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