Author Topic: if you know of anyone that wants an ezCAN - here's the cheapest 1 ever!  (Read 1146 times)


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hi All - shameless plug! (but now and then the boss does pull rank  ;) )

As some of you know I have the London-to-Brighton ride coming up on Saturday - this is a 97km mountain bike ride... and as part thereof I am raising funds for the Heart Foundation.  This foundation is very dear to me and I would have tremendous appreciation if you could help me achieve my goal!  And just to clarify.. this is done on my plain old MTB.. no e-bike, and (unfortunately) not my F850GSA!

As a sweetener, I am offering an ezCAN of choice as a Lucky Draw.  Anyone donating at least £10 (I will gladly overlook rounding errors in other currencies  :) ) will qualify!

I know if you're reading this here, I'm singing to the incorrect audience.. but alas, with any luck, you have a friend or ten that have looked at yours with envy - send this to them!

I truly appreciate any donations, however big or small..


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