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Feature suggestion: Opt-in suppression of fault codes.


Nick V:
I do tend to push the boundaries of what's technically possible on my bikes... as a result, I sometimes hit the 'No-no, *finger wag*' limits set by Bayerische Motorenwerke Motorrad.

A suggestion to Peet and the GS-911 team for a feature I suspect others would find useful as well: would it be possible to incorporate a feature on GS-911 that allows a user to temporarily or permanently (user's choice) suppress individual fault codes?

Two scenarios in which this would be useful:
- If an ezCAN is installed on K2x or K7x bikes, and the user has chosen not to retain the factory horn.
- If an aftermarket exhaust system is installed on a bike equipped with exhaust flap, and the exhaust flap servo has been disconnected from the wiring harness.

Naturally, this would include A) some kind of warning that suppressing fault codes is not recommended, and B) some kind of dialogue that bars the user from suppressing fault codes if he/she has not consented to certain T&Cs.

Personally, I don't mind these two omnipresent fault codes. :) But I can imagine that having to live with them unnecessarily could drive some OCD personalities up the wall...

 :) :)

But why...?

Nick V:

--- Quote from: StephanT on September 02, 2021, 06:35:05 PM ---But why...?

--- End quote ---

For psychological reasons.
A hypothetical user knows for a fact that an (accessory) horn is working, and that the disconnected exhaust flap servo will not cause harm, yet they see fault codes to the effect every time they browse the UI.
It depends on one's personality. Like I said, I can live with it because intellectually, I know there is no actual problem. But for others doing diagnostics, 'nuisance' codes could be distracting and/or annoying.

As a side note, I'm now experiencing a third 'nuisance' code: the LED headlight bulbs I'm using are causing 'Low beam/high beam open circuit' fault codes (and a 'LAMPF!' trip computer warning), even though the bulbs work fine.


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