Author Topic: New feature requests for ezCAN ?  (Read 23007 times)


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Re: New feature requests for ezCAN ?
« Reply #45 on: April 24, 2024, 01:00:18 PM »
3. mobile App to configure the ezCAN and make changes on the fly
    - Coming!  new optional bluetooth stub that will allow the ezCAN to communicate with both iOS and Android apps

Well here we are Stephan some four years after the much touted wireless connection feature that I and many more it would seem are still waiting patiently for!

Do you have any update that you might be able to share with us please?

It would appear that you will be using the white LIN connection for the BT unicorn stub and I was wondering if that would exclusively tie up that output or whether indeed I could continue to utilise it for in my case right indicator as well as the stub?

Assuming we might lose the ability of the white connection to control accessories what was the reason why the USB port couldn't be utilised in preference to the white connector?

Anything else you are able to share regarding progress and/or implementation would be much appreciated.

Curious minds need to know... ;)

Thanks & kind regards,

PS. While I understand the need to try to limit spammers it is extremely annoying for us genuine posters to have to decipher the letters on an iPhone and then be forced to Google the answer to the question just to be able to post here!  ::) I appreciate that keeping spammers at bay is a thankless task that doesn't seem to work too well as can be seen from the flurry of recent spam posts here so I guess the fact you are at least trying to do something about it can be classed as a result so I thank you for that but is there another way that does not pose such a PITA for genuine members? Sorry...I must have my moaning head on this morning...great products by the way! ???
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