Author Topic: Throttle position sensor K1300s  (Read 6727 times)


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Throttle position sensor K1300s
« on: August 05, 2017, 07:33:40 PM »
Hi, I have a problem with my K1300s randomly cutting out momentarily whist riding at around 2 thousands revs at very light throttle and occasionaly stalling at idle.

I have since noticed that when the engine is idling, if I almost imperceptibly twist the throttle the engine revs will 'stumble' to approx 2000 revs whilst sounding like its misfiring and during this it will likely cut out....... I connected my gs911 and noticed whilst doing this that the throttle percentage does not move off zero until the revs reach above 2 thousand when the percentage goes from zero to 0.38

As an aside (which may be connected) I randomly get a code '10167 Output stage to electric fuel pump faulty (most likely fuel pump electronics/driver) The fault is not present now
I have replaced the fuel pump and controller but it made no difference to all the above

Could it be the TPS be faulty?
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