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When reading the rules, keep in mind that we all would rather be riding our bikes (yes, us at HEX Code included), so the rules are designed to maximise the use of everyone's time.

We'd like to keep the forum as open and free as possible, but within these limits:

* English posts only. For us (and others) it's a second or third language, but we don't speak Spanish, French or Chinese so we won't be able to help you in another language.

* Before asking any question, please take the time to read the Manual and FAQ, and Issues/Revisions pages (

* The forum is not a bug/issue tracker - if you think you have identified an issue, please contact the HelpDesk

* Keep posts on-topic. If it doesn't have anything to do with diagnostics of BMW motorcycles, don't post it. This is not a swap-meet, it is not a help center for general PC issues, it is not for SPAM, it is not for unauthorized blatant advertising - it is for on-topic (GS-911) discussions.

* When posting questions related to a problem you are having with a particular motorcycle, always state the exact make/model/year of the motorcycle you are having a problem with. We insist that you paste or attach an AutoScan of the particular vehicle - this provides us with all the information we require to help you! Also tell us any modifications you have made to it. To be really detailed use the [Copy to Clipboard] function and paste (right-click->paste or File->Edit->Paste or Ctrl-V).

* When asking information on Fault Codes, ALWAYS supply the complete fault code info as shown by GS-911 - this includes the Fault number, complete description, and whether currently present or not. Incomplete information will often get you no answer, or worse yet, the wrong answer.

* When making a new post, make sure the subject is a concise summary of your issue.  The clearer the description the more likely someone will read it and post a sensible reply.

* When replying to existing threads - make sure your issue is related to the thread. If not, start a new topic/thread.

* When posting questions related to GS-911 itself, always state the version number (you can find it on the About Screen) and details about the PC (make/model/CPU/Operating-System) or handy/mobile.

* One-liner "smartass" replies are strongly discouraged.

* Flames directed at anyone will not be tolerated.

* Asking for/offering illegal copies of software or asking for/offering passwords or cracks is strictly forbidden. This includes ANY copyrighted material, including manuals, RepRoms, wiring diagrams etc.

* Discussing how to roll back / change / correct odometers is forbidden.

* If a violation of one of the other rules is serious enough, appropriate action will be taken. It will range from private admonishment to public humiliation to banishment from the forum.

A forum question:
I opted to get notifications of new postings (and, hopefully, new threads/ topics) on all the General Categories.
I did not get them. I then tried to have notifications on all the Child Boards.
I still do not get notifications of new topics on a Child Board.
I get notifications of new postings on the Child Board topics that were there when I selected "notification, but no notifications of new topics that pop up later.
I would like to have notifications of "everything"--- when this new board is used more I may want to limit my "full" notification settings  :-))
As it is I have to check for new topics...  :-)

mike d:
I use the 'Show unread posts since last visit'. After reading each one use the same option to refresh the screen.


Haakon - it must be something to do with email not getting delivered - maybe it ends up in your SPAM folder?

Notifications do work on a board by board basis or on a specific topic. Under your profile go to "Notifications" and make sure the boards you want notifications on are listed there.

I can't find the maximum size for a avatar. I tried uploading one, but was told it was probably too large with no guidelines as to how large it could be.


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