Author Topic: Greetings from Germany - newbie alert...  (Read 5160 times)


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Greetings from Germany - newbie alert...
« on: January 04, 2018, 04:24:55 AM »
Hi all,
thrilled to own a GS911 now and also thrilled to see quite a few interesting topics here that go beyond what can be seen on other MC forums.
Looks like the real deal...

Let me introduce myself - I ride and wrench Airheads and F650 classic - carbed thumpers.

So why do I have  GS911 ?

To help out buddies (non-commercial) with FI F650's , R1150 and R1200 oilheads since I like wrenching and work for an embedded compiler vendor.
Which means microcontrollers are my daily business.
Now I can have both of the worlds - mechanical and vehicle electronics.
Without a device like the GS911 or more general an OBD device even the best of all guesses is a waste of time.
Same goes for any rental motorbikes on vacation.
If it's a modern Beemer, vacation is spoiled pretty quickly without any useful means of diagnosis.

Kudos to hexcode - the SW works like a charm on both PC and Android.
Couldn't be easier.

I hope to find some answers to my questions - as well as contribute what little I know.

Very well then, off for the treasure hunt.