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hello from england
« on: April 26, 2017, 03:24:08 PM »
Hi, I got the wifi one yesterday and managed to replace and balance the throttle cables via usb connection to windows 10, and also got the D2D to work (had a problem the first time when both green lights were solid, not sure what I did but its been fine ever since).  very happy.

I would like to log a run out sometime on my 2010 1200GS but the wiring length of the bike connector stops it fitting into the tool space as standard.  I don't fancy the cost of the extension cable for what is just an interest-only activity .  I was wondering if the BMW connector wire can be lengthened by slitting the cover of the loom under the seat and pulling it forward and then re-taping the loom?   I haven't time to take off all the seat cowling, luggage  rack etc  at present to have a good look and its hard to see without doing this. Is it worth looking at doing this or is there another cheap solution?

All the best everyone.