Author Topic: K1300S cutting out between 6K & 7K RPM  (Read 6356 times)


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K1300S cutting out between 6K & 7K RPM
« on: August 21, 2016, 10:12:24 PM »
Bike has just under 36,000 miles and has been trouble-free up until last week. When accelerating once tach reaches 6,000 RPM, the bike engine cuts in and out. If I maintain throttle, it will smooth out at around 7,500 -8,000 RPM. When I let off on throttle the same thing sometimes happens when deaccelerating between 7,000 & 6,000 RPM. Once under 6,000 RPM bike runs normally.

I ordered a GS-911 WiFi, received it yesterday and checked for codes. Nothing came up. But when I ran the test on the fuel tank vent, I did not hear it cycle.

I logged while riding and the value for the fuel tank vent was "1" mist of the time but "0" when RPM = 6,000 or higher.

If any K1300S owners have logged your bike, can you let me know the value for fuel tank vent was when RPM => 6,000.

BMW K1300S
GS-911 WiFi