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My friend just bought a second hand R1200GS mod 2015, i made for him a Diagnostic with my 911gs and this is the result can anyone help please

Controller Name : XKOMBI50
Fault Codes : 1
- :
B7F610 : Mileage incorrect (tamper detection)
Currently present : YES
Engine warning light (MIL) : NO
Frequency count : 1
Logistic(Healing) count : 0
. Fault Code History :
. . Record number : 1
. . Odometer : 7446.0 km
. . ABS time : 2257635

thanks in advance

It looks like it is telling you there is a mismatch in the ODO readings between the Dash and the BMS backup ODO value

WAYNE, Thank you for the reply, can you help to know what i have to do! is there some repairs that i have to make? or i have to change some parts?

Well the machine has just been purchased and there is no indication of any clutch fault codes but there is a mismatch between ODO readings so there are three obvious possibilities which need to be investigated and resolved

1/ The mismatch is an operational problem which BMW Dealer diags can correct, I dont know that model very well so I am not sure if GS911 can correct it

2/ THe dash or other ECU has been replaced and the ODO values have not been sychronised which would normally happen with a replacement

3/ The Dash ODO value has been tampered with to make it look like a lower value to hide the true mileage

I cannot tell which, but it seems having it checked at a Dealer may be appropriate


Thanks guys for the information, it helped me a lot to sort out my problem


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